You remembered me?!

Every once in a while, someone whom I haven't seen more than around 10 years tried to find me by using the Internet search. Actually, I didn't tell many people whom I used to see about moving to US. I guess that some of them felt wondered what I have been doing... Yes, because, to them, I suddenly disappeared.  I didn't have to hide but I also didn't feel the necessity to tell that I was moving. (Or, for some people, I consciously didn't want to tell.)

When I moved here (the US), for a couple of years, I didn't write my real name any online spaces. So, it didn't happen but recently, I usually have added my name when I wrote something online because I started feeling I didn't have to hide it.

So, unexpected people in Japan have found me. (Two days ago, too) So far, six people found me and sent messages.  wow...  Usually I felt... "Did you even remember me?????" or "What? Did you think of me?????"  In any case, those things made me, of course, happy. Knowing someone on the other side of this planet has been thinking of me or tried to find me. Sounds nice, right?  (Even kind a romantic...) ...well... not that kind of things, though... anyway...

...Like my name in Kanji, I sometimes feel that I'm just an invisible person. Dissociate from the reality around me and all the sudden realize this invisibility...  No one can even see, Do I even really exist? something like that.

But... someone remembered and tried to find me... Really? wow... That's really nice to know...
(Thank you...)

Yes, I'm here. ...somehow got here. This journey does not finish, yet. Keep moving forward...



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