a tune...

(from heavy snow day. reflection on a window...)
I don't now how many times I listened to the tune.

I was thirteen (almost became 14) at that time.
Really hopeless. I hated everything around me, about me. The worst thing at that time was "being myself". First time to get a rope. Tied it around my neck, but I could not until the end. Felt so stupid.  Pushed a pillow on my face and cried hard.
...Around that time, I found this song. I didn't even know who was singing, what kind of meaning of the song, or anything about it, but this tune really hit my heart, encouraged me to move forward.

It was in a cassette tape that my tutor gave me. Somehow I loved old foreign songs since I was a child. He made 6 cassette tapes collections of old (1950 ~ 1970) hit tunes in the US.
I stayed at my small room alone and continued to listen to them. And... I dreamed about the country where the singer sang this song, far far away from myself...  While listening to these songs, I dreamed about my visit there.

And many many years later, at this present time, interestingly I actually live in the place. (And even singing!) How could imagine such a thing at that time?
wow...    I'm glad that I didn't give me up.

Of course, I learned about the name of the singer and the title of the song. "Cher - Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves"

I still love it.