Middle of Nowhere...

One more video from the greenfield. (camera/direct - Eric Perry, edit - me)

This beautiful music is written by Rosendo E. Santos, JR. He is my father in law whom I don't have a chance to meet. Anyway, he left many beautiful music pieces... So, I asked my husband to use one of his pieces for the footage that Eric and I have shot.

These footage are including Eric's favorites. Really, his camera works are great... Interestingly, when we shot these parts, we had NO idea what they were going to be. "What are we doing? But anyway let's continue to do!" Something like that... (Cotton Candy parts are more, something at least I knew what the outcome would be - some parts, still I didn't have any idea, though...)

After completed the first video, Eric told me that I didn't use his favorite footage for the Cotton Candy one. I knew it but I could not use them because they didn't fit anywhere in that song in my mind. After this melody popped up in my mind, immediately all images linked together. Once started editing, so quickly tied up. That's a good sign, I guess...

By the way, I really love the Italian movie "La Strada" from my heart. Actually when I was editing this, I was thinking about her, Gelsomina. Yes, the lonely abandoned girl (her age, maybe "lady" is more appropriate, but she is a "forever girl".) Because of her friend, she somehow found out even such a small pebble has a meaning to exist in this world. It is just amazing to see her (the slight change in her!) The ending of the movie is painfully sad but at least she once felt she also has a meaning of staying there, in her life. Hm... wow...



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