Wonderful gift.... Selected by SHOTS magazine - issue no. 123 Spring 2014

I found the SHOTS magazine Spring 2014 The City in my mail box, yesterday. I opened it without knowing anything about the issue and the first thing I saw was, my photograph (on page 24 and 25. the center of the magazine!) First I felt... "Am I inside The Twilight Zone?!" What the wonderful surprising gift?! Like I said, I really didn't know about this, at all!

To me, the series of the photographs are a significant turning point of my life. Very important evident. I'm so very happy to see the image in this special way...  I sent an email to the publisher to tell my gratitude. And I received a personal message, "I'm glad you liked your "surprise" (excerpt of the nice email) Wow! Really wonderful.... I certainly felt... spring has come! :)