Let it go

My keywords of this year, 2010 is...
"Let it go".

In fact, it's not often easy for me to do so BUT now I am learning.
There are still many things that are bothering me in the world. They made me sad, depressed, or irritated. I'm really sad to feel something like this...
Are they even important to hold in my mind??? Are they really something significant in my life? My answer is "No".
So, just say, "Let it go" and "Let it be"
And be free...


Am I ...?

(*I deleted this post...)


Cotton Candy

One day (the end of 2009), suddenly this phrase came to me;
"...my life is like a cotton candy..."
I followed the idea and made this song.

Cotton Candy by T (demo)

Search light! Let's find my own world!


2010 Start

So, today I decided to start this blog.

I'm always asking myself... "Where am I going??????" I really don't know. But... with art/music, I can be here. That's for sure.

This animation is my 2010 first project.
Music by my band. Animation/drawing, etc by Me.

Without music and art, I would not be here.