So, I saw her again... finally.

Once I saw her face, no word came out of me for a while. Just... really could not say anything. She didn't look different at all. Of course, we both got older now than 16 years ago, but really not that much changed.

I felt "correct" to be with her so strongly/naturally.

We had a few hours to talk today, about our 16 years. What she and I have done.
Believe or not, we had lots of (really) common experiences for the sixteen years... Especially "father things". And also carrier choices. It was just something like, "No way! Too much, isn't it? Really? You had done that????" So, since our experiences have been strongly linked, we didn't have to explain much. When she told her experiences, I could feel it very easily. Vise Versa.

She has survived in her way. I also have done so in my way. And, we somehow moved to this country from Tokyo Japan to start doing something we really needed to do.
Of course, I (not only me, but also her) don't reach to my goal or anything like that. Just on the middle of the journey. I have been really working on my assignment very seriously. I felt she has been doing so too. It made me so, how can I say..., encouraged.. I won't give it up.

Our reunion was much deeper and stronger than something I could write here. Anyway, maybe some time I will be able to tell more about it... Moving on...



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