Sang in the middle of Detroit city...

Wow... This was the first time to play in Detroit. I mean we played at live venues in Detroit but they were all inside. Yesterday, it was the outside concert in the middle of Detroit city. Just in front of the huge General Motors building. Yes, the river side!

To be honest, I was scared first because... the thoughts: "It is really OK to sing in Japanese in front of people in Detroit?!?!?!?!?!"

There are reasons why I felt so.
I have heard about the conflict between Japanese car and American car in Detroit. Some of my friends who worked for a Japanese car company had some difficult experiences there. Also some of my American friends told me, "You'd better to be careful."

But... I still think... Music is Music, no matter what language the songs are.
I just said myself, "Just enjoy. Believe the musical power."

Nice breeze, sunlight, river side view... all encouraged me to just enjoy!

And, you know what happened?
Oh... wow... people over there were very warm.... Many of them told me, "I love your music!!!" They looked like very enjoying during the show!
I could not hold my tears during singing "Can I Be Born Again?"

To me, Detroit is one of the dream city since I was a child because of Motown Music!!!!
And... I could sing in the middle of the city!!!! Wow...

These videos were shot just after the show. You may see how I felt from my facial expression. (????)

and one more...

oh well... anyway...

I really really appreciate River Days staff, all warm open-minded audience, my wonderful special band members, and Music....

Feel full of love...




message... ?

When I opened one of my old books today, I found a hospital appointment card between the pages. It's blank. No date on it.

I knew who did it. He was one of interesting friends in Tokyo. He didn't talk so much so I don't know much about him. Anyway, he took my books from my house many times. Every time he brought them back to me (this is good) but the books got huge damages most of the time.
One day I was so disappointed and I asked him, "How could you do this to my books?" He was saying, "I was very relaxed to read your book..." and didn't say anything more than that. Long silence. I gave up to get any answer.

I didn't get the meaning at that time. But now, I kind of understand what he meant. (In fact, the damages became his shadow quietly) Anyway, the book with the appointment card was relatively clean/new. I think that this is the last book he took from me and brought back.

I guess that he used the appointment card as a bookmark.
The card is very talkative. It gave me the information about him. It somehow covers more than 10 years loss of him. Hm... What kind of message is this?

It is a card of a famous mental hospital in the suburbs of Tokyo.

How has he been? He sometimes even remembers me? ???
The card didn't answer those questions. of course...
Anyway... I wish he has been ok.




Dance Dance Dance

After coming back to US, I keep reading Murakami's books. Starting with "1Q84" and going back to his first novel and continue the journey...

How many times I already re-read those books? Wow... Every time, something fresh impact comes to my heart. This time, especially, "Dance Dance Dance". It became one of my favorites! Oh wow!

First time I read it, I guess that I was at my early twenties. Bit too young to understand his (Main character's) perspective of life. Still loved it, though.
(By the way, now I felt the his early books ("Hear The Wind Sing", "Pinball, 1973", "A Wild Sheep Chase") are a little bit out-of-date (in not bad way.) They gave me the feelings that I'm seeing "past". (I didn't live in 1960's at all, though.) In other words, I already passed those stories and moved forward. But I say again, fortunately I still love them.

Anyway, "Dance Dance Dance" just fits me at this point of my life.
Like I mentioned, every time I read, I felt something different from the previous impression that I got from his stories. I think, it's because I have been changing. Those stories came through me, stayed inside me, gradually became nutrition/wisdom, and I've lived with them and go on and on... Then, I re-visit the world, I find something different. And learn again. That's actually great... I don't have so many books I can read in this way

Soon, I'll leave from the "Dance Dance Dance". So, I'll take a break from Murakami World for a while. But until then, I keep floating (dancing) inside it freely. Not bad... Oh yes, I need to have a glass of Cutty Sark... (ah, it's too early to have it though! - I'm writing this at 10 am... ;P )

P.S. When I was at my Yuki's age, I wish I had that kind of relationship - the main character and Yuki. (Still his words hit me, at this point of my life, though)

P.S.2 listening to The Lovin' Spoonful
Woo viva 1960's




A Very Japanese Day

Today, I wore a Yukata for the first time in a loooooooong time.

Hm, where should I have gone? ... I was just walking around my neighbor...
And took this self portrait. (I've planed to do this for one year. finally!)
...my neighbors may think... Ah! Again! That weird Asian is doing something! :) (* This is very usual thing.)

Anyway, very calm afternoon. Alone. (wait! with little bit of sunlight. sometimes.)
Reading a book ("A Wild Sheep Chase"), and having a tea (soba-cha)...
Such a nice peaceful time...

Then, suddenly, Daifuku came to my house! (In other words, my husband with Daifuku came back home.)

Daifuku (wikipedia)

Daifuku! - "Great Luck"!

大変美味しゅう戴きました。 ご馳走様でした。

Very calm Japanese day in MI... before the rain...




1min water journey

(recorded in Shinohara/Shiga)

『流水は腐らず』("running water never goes bad")

P.S. listening to There's A Place by The Beatles




"Thousand Winds"

...sound memo from japan...

May 19th 8:00am at The Children's Peace Monument




"1Q84" and re-visit there

So, after coming back from the Japan trip, I have sent myself into the "1Q84" world.
...Maybe you don't know what "1Q84" is. It is the newest novel written by Haruki Murakami.
Interestingly, when I read his book, my situations/mental conditions have somehow synchronized with the stories in many ways. It always makes me surprised.


I encountered a Zen monk during the last trip. He shared a piece of Zen philosophy with me. It was really a significant moment during the trip. By reading Murakami's book, I recall, re-visit, and re-consider it.

"Think and find your own answer by yourself"
I'm in the flow....

This time, Murakami wrote a relationship with father(s). I think that this is the first time he has done (in this way). It gave me kind of different perspective of it.

I sealed my memories with my father for a long time. But because of some of recent occasions, something led me re-open it... Very complicated... Be honest, I found out one very simple thing that I could not say before.
Sound very childish... but... I just wanted to have a father who really loves me no matter what I have done/who I am. I just wanted to be loved. wow... I had not even found such a simple thought in me. Anyway, unfortunately I could not get the chance. He disappeared before I could see father in him.

...There is a hole in the middle of myself. I try to avoid to see it but it is there. well, I admit. So... What can I see through the hole? Have I tried to see something from there? ... I don't think so. Yet. Maybe, thinking this will be a trigger to move next... (I'm not sure...)

By visiting Japan in this time, I can't stop thinking what my root is.
It is... I think important thing to think deeply.

Where should I go? What have I done and can I do? Actually.... who am I? There are many questions...

I could hear the voice...
"Think and find your own answer by yourself"

...Yes, I'll do.