Time Traveler - memoirs 6

One of my old hometowns, in Osaka. Neighborhood. I often walked these places alone, when I was little. Again, no happy memories. When I visited there, it almost started raining. Getting dark. Some of the houses and shrines seemed like almost exactly same as they were when I lived there.
Since I was wearing the bubble and holding camera, people in the town immediately figured out I was doing photo shooting and again, very kind. I sort of expected someone asked me to move or stop shooting. But actually I have never encountered such a situation. Hm? Everyone whom I met during this photo journey, was very supportive. I wondered why? Still I don't know. But... really felt warmth inside myself.

Here again, some outtakes...

... And I chose this one for the final cut.
The ditch, behind myself... I dropped several things - school stuff. These places were memory of loneliness. I walked through a lot, alone.
And finally it started raining, so stopped photographing. It was very gentle rain. Being purified.

... to be contined


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