Time Traveler - memoirs 5

More outtakes from the day of the visiting the school

And these are the two images I chose to add to the final cut. 

And one of my favorite of all (and last shot of the day) I felt, "Okay, I have done enough..." 
after I saw this image.

Many parts of the school have been changed but this view was almost exactly as it was when I was a student of this school. I felt some kind of... memory overlap (past and present time) It was kinda unreal moment.
When I was shooting these photos, since I already had done the lecture, I was very relaxed and felt something like... deep care and love from all the people around myself. It's because all the faculties in the school and my husband helped me to do the photo shooting and took really good care of me. Unbelievable and unforgettable. Really... thankful.......

...to be continued


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