How can I say?!?!?!

How can I even explain all my feelings? ah... Speechless...

Japan is... really a beautiful country. I guess that, this time, I could see (sensitively felt) more its beauties than before. Maybe, it's because I left there and I've lived in the other side of the world. I'm glad to feel so. Of course, like one of my home towns in Osaka, many places have been changed. But... still there are many spiritual intimate places.
During this visit, I found many humble peaceful places in the middle of nowhere. I met many people who have lived there. Many of them shared a little bit of their life stories with me. They made me so humble...

I was standing in the middle of nowhere, in the darkness, under the dim moon light. I felt that I'm just a small part of it. Melting into the space. It... made me so much freer. Floating and dancing with the sound and wind around me. OK, I'm no one. So what? :)
I think... I needed this moment.

Oh wow... Thank you so much...

Here is the website I created. "14 days dream in Japan": http://tokoshiiki.com/japan10/
If you want to see what I saw and felt (ah... but this is also just one part of it...)



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