Calling for Visual Artists for Japan! Dragon Project for Tohoku Japan 2012

Calling Visual Artists!!!
Nino (my friend in Paris) and Toko are working together on an international, collaborative project, in hopes of organizing a fundraiser exhibition for Tohoku, Japan (towards the construction of “Tohoku Rainbow House” for orphans)

Our plans are summarized in this little 1 minute video.
Could you take a time to watch?

Dragon Project for Japan 2012 from Toko Shiiki on Vimeo.

Any 2D arts, such as Drawing, Painting, Photographing are all great for this! (you can also make a sculpture and photograph, and print it!)
Make a cross-section of a dragon on a sheet of paper - 8x11 inches (approx. 20.5 cm x 28 cm)
We will send the template to you! Just let us know if you are interested!

All money will be sent to "Tohoku Rainbow House" Orphanage http://www.ashinaga.org/en/support/index.html

We plan to hold a fundraiser exhibition around March 11, 2012
(one year after the earthquake), in Ann Arbor MI and elsewhere!

If you are interested in participating, please let me know! 

Toko at 
dragonprojectjapan @ gmail.com 

Let's make a long dragon! :D


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